Goose River Bank

About Us

Strong Bank. Strong Communities.

For more than a century, The Goose River Bank has served people along and around the Goose River in Traill County, North Dakota.

N. K. Hubbard and Co., including N. K. Hubbard, L. B. Gibbs, and J. A. Loomis, opened The Goose River Bank in 1881 – conducting business under the name of N. K. Hubbard and Co. They announced that:

They were prepared to offer the people of Mayville and surrounding Goose River Country every accommodation consistent with legitimate banking business. They advertised that they would buy and sell Eastern and Foreign Exchange, sell foreign passage tickets, receive deposits, make collections in all parts of the country, discount good paper, loan money on improved real estate security, furnish money and draw papers for parties desiring to prove up on their claims, and in short, endeavor to make the banking house of general use to the people.

The founders felt they needed references and gave the following:

  • First National Bank, Fargo, ND (N. K. Hubbard was vice president)
  • Lake Country Bank, Painesville, OH (L. B. Gibbs was connected for eight years)
  • Hamden Savings Bank, Springfield, MA (J. A. Loomis was connected for eight years)
  • First National Bank, St. Paul, MN
  • Capitol Bank, St. Paul, MN
  • Security Bank, Minneapolis, MN


The Goose River Bank is the oldest state bank in North Dakota. The first stockholders of the newly organized state bank were K. H. Brunsdale, Kate C. Dean, M. L. Elken, Mary Spencer, Maxwell Brothers, Robert Maxwell, and William Spencer, along with the original founders. Over the years, The Goose River Bank's directors have been people of wisdom and insight and included Governor Norman Brunsdale, who served as director from 1919 to his election as North Dakota governor in 1949.

The original offices were located in the west end of the Clayton and Hubbard store, then moved to a small two-story wood frame building, and in 1898, The Goose River Bank moved to a grand brick building at 45 Main Street East in Mayville. This location served bank customers until 1974 when The Goose River Bank moved to its current location in Mayville.

Offices opened in Hillsboro in 1997 and in Hatton in 2005.